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Transition Care Unit

Transition Care Unit

The Rekai Centres is partnering with Sinai Health System, Circle of Care, and Compass

The Transition Care Unit (TCU) is designed to support the flow of patients who are ready to be discharged from hospital but are not yet ready to return home or the community. The goal of our healthcare team is to provice support and help patients regain their strength and independence. During their stay, the Social Worker will work with the patient to help them make informed decisions about their future care needs and living arrangements.

Every patient that comes into our TCU is leaving a hospital bed and freeing up the space for medically critical patients. Our priority is to ensure everyone that leaves our Transition Care Unit will be stable and settled into an appropriate community setting.

The Types of Patients in the TCU

The type of patients who stay in the TCU are different from long-term care residents. The TCU accepts patients who are.

  • Medically stable
  • Needing long-term IV antibiotics which cannot be maintained in the community
  • Needing assistance with Activities of Daily Living that cannot currently be managed at home and in the community
  • Requiring short-term wound care
  • Awaiting to return to a long-term care home on out-break
Rekai Centre Patients in the Transitional Care Unit

Once Admitted to the TCU

Every patient can stay in the TCU for up to 60 days. During that time there are no fees for our patients to stay in our TCU. The only costs include but not limited to medication, supplies, lab tests and any personal products.

Support from the Social Worker

Many patients might need their homes refurbished for wheel chair accessibility, or finding adequate community housing placements. The Social Worker is there to facilitate and organize the placement for the patient. Once the patient is released from our care, the Social Worker will continue to monitor how they are transitioning into their home environment.

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The Rekai Centres, a non-profit, charitable corporation owns and operates two Long-Term Care Homes in downtown Toronto.


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